There's no Safety and a Numpad

Playing Flappy Bird is hard. But we thought: Why not play it, while playing yet another game?
We present: Flappy Bird + TikTakToe
Or, if you make it that far: Flappy Bird + That memory-beep-game

If you have a Numpad: 1 - 9 on Numpad
(1 = lower left corner, 9 = top right corner)

If not, 1 - 9 on normal Keyboard
But don't expect to come very far ;)

NOTE: You can press any key you like while the memory-beep-game is showing you the combination.

NOTE: This game is really, I mean really hard!

NOTE: This took us way to long!


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As you said, the game is super hard, tic tac toe is managable, but memory game- impossible for me. Still very, original idea. The visuals are simple, yet clean looking. If you haven't yet, check out our game: